Right Brain Theology was originally launched in 2012 as The Journey: Beauty from Ashes. In 2018 the site was relaunched to focus on building a community of Christ-followers and artists. If you have a desire to study God’s word and also experience how art intertwines with theology, then grab a cup of coffee, get cozy, and make yourself at home. Together we can learn through the Word, life, and our artistic pursuits. 

When you spend time at Right Brain Theology, you are stepping into an environment that thrives on biblical study and living as an image bearer through the day-to-day. Together, we learn how to develop our relationship with God and live an abundant, gospel-focused life that pours into our daily interactions with others. The articles, typically come in a two-part series. This format invites you to see how God’s story intermingles through our daily lives and throughout biblical examples, while also offering applicable questions and practical application. The creative side of Right Brain Theology encourages you to engage in experiencing the artistic side of imago Dei through various tutorials, inspirational art pieces, and much more. 

Throughout my life, I’ve had a deep longing to know God and His word in-depth, while also pursuing the gifts He has given me. In college, I chose a major that would allow me to step my toe into a number of artistic media, but ultimately my focus was on graphic design and photography. Shortly after college I married and spent some time in my career choice as a graphic designer. I left the career world to focus on motherhood while continuing to pursue creative avenues. Through freelance design, seamstress work, and painting I was able to give my creativity an outlet. My life took some unexpected turns, as life usually does, and I was given the opportunity to pursue further education through the Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship where I received certification.

I began writing after walking through and surviving some major life traumas with the hope of helping others through what I have learned and continue to learn as a result of my experiences. Writing allows me to articulate my thoughts while also intentionally studying the Word. For me, sharing my writing is much like a conversation with my readers. Meaningful conversations allow for genuine engagement rather than me doing all of the talking. When we are able to engage with others through conversations, we get to know one another and learn together from the Word and from each other’s thoughts and experiences. The primary focus I have for sharing my thoughts through writing is that you, my readers, are encouraged, gain further understanding of Scripture, and walk away thinking about Jesus, not me. 

Join the conversation and together we will delve into the Word gaining an increased relationship with Christ, learn through the rollercoaster of life, and create beautiful art as imago Dei.

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